Sunday, 11 November 2012

To Will, eternally...

What foggy, luminous abyss
Is breathing slowing in your chants
To carve the crystal of your verse? 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Din ceas dedus adancul acestei calme creste

Good night, comfortable 59,
Good morning, fiery 60!

O sara buna, liniste inceata,
Si buna zi, vijelioasa veste!

To drink the wine of sixty drums
And patch things up with rough and knotted wool
I would have ridden sixty fiery steeds
All springing from the dragons' stables' womb.

Who knocks? Who dares? Who's in need
of warmth and piteous mercy's
icy drops?

Who knows... Who'll ever know?
Who truly cares,
if winds do bite, or soothe, or whisper,
or wipe one's brow with golden laurel leaves?

Sixty freezing drops of rain
Sixty rancid crumpled leaves
Sixty tearful eyes of wax
And as many candid ribs

To run, to hide, perchance to sigh
to curl, take shelter or resign
wipe palms and feet and  knitted brows
and swallow the submerging vine

The loneliness is quite complete
And silence reigns
The window bites
And we can barely, barely breathe...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012

Cum ai putea atuncea sa nu crezi
Ca vesnicia-i murg si lin descantec?
Intrebare cu talc (2)

Am vrut deunazi sa te intreb
de te-ai lasat candva  in voia unui cantec,

De coama ti-a saltat nalbind
copitele pe caldaramul umed

De bici de-ai ascultat incremenit
Pe nari adulmecand frunzisul muced

Cum ai putea atuncea sa nu crezi
ca vesnicia-i murg si lin descantec?

De ziua ta
stiu ca-ti doresti anume
un fruct, un melc, un miez de stea,
o boaba luminoasa de rasina,
un clont de-argint, o acadea,

un semn ce nu se poate cere
si care nu se poate da.